Infosec Partners announces new XZERO Early Warning System

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Infosec Partners has unveiled its new XZERO Early Warning System (EWS), designed to offer real-time information on suspicious activity and advance notice of imminent security incidences.

The security assessment and managed services provider says the offering will enable CISOs and network security managers to add a layer of threat detection that utilises advanced decoy and deception techniques, with zero false positives.

Delivered as a fully managed service, EWS leverages insights acquired from real-world investigations and sophisticated red teaming exercises and then uses advanced hunting techniques built around assault assumptions.

That means SOC teams can place a greater focus on the detection of threat actors’ techniques and behaviour rather than tackling large volumes of ingested information, blind spots, alerts, and false positives, the firm said.

“Detection of suspicious activity earlier in the attack chain is critical to enable security teams to respond in time to mitigate any imminent threat,” Infosec explained. “XZERO is designed to provide detailed information including the attackers’ intended targets and information showing how they plan to gain access.”

Founded in 2004, Infosec Partners provides a host of cybersecurity services, from Technical Vulnerability Testing and Managed Security Services to Forensic Incident Management and Formal Certification and more.


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The firm’s new full XZERO early warning system combines research into domains, emails, websites, and online leaked data, with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Intrusion Detection System (IDS) technology.

That means users gain threat intelligence and incident correlation with specific markers and threat indicators tuned to their particular operational environment, Infosec added. Clients can access those, as well as risk assessments of alerts, via a Cybersoc Portal.

“XZERO focusses on limiting the effect of security events by reducing detection time and optimises response models with automated detection and response,” commented Mark Oakton, Infosec Partners’ CTO.

“The early warning system also provides deeper visibility, detailed threat intelligence, and context across complex environments.”

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