Bitdefender debuts cloud-based endpoint detection and response solution

Endpoints on a background of a city

Global cyber security provider Bitdefender has launched a new cloud-based endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution.

The new solution aims to help enterprises and managed service providers (MSPs) detect and eradicate threats as they occur to strengthen overall resiliency against cyber attacks. Resource-light and fully cloud-delivered, the EDR package is easy to deploy and runs alongside third-party prevention technologies, the company said.

Bitdefender’s EDR solution combines endpoint telemetry and human risk analytics with advanced threat detection capabilities to enable quick visibility into vulnerable systems on-premises or in cloud environments. It also offers one-click actions to mitigate risks, including quarantining files, blocking IP addresses, and killing processes.

“Businesses and MSPs struggle to keep pace with an onslaught of attacks as cybercriminals work diligently to capitalize on the industry's shift to less secure remote work environments for the foreseeable future," said Gavin Hill, vice president product marketing at Bitdefender.


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"The new Bitdefender EDR package delivers best-in-class attack visibility and effective response, backed by threat intelligence from Bitdefender Labs, to help organizations navigate these riskier, uncertain times and protect their most valuable assets.”

Bitdefender also announced significant enhancements to its GravityZone platform.

The New GravityZone executive dashboard displays key information in an easy-to-use, consolidated graphical representation covering current endpoint inventory, threat detections and automatic actions taken. It also includes enhanced integration with security information and event management systems (SIEMs), available for both cloud and on-premises deployments, that lets customers search through raw endpoint data with the help of a SIEM.

Finally, GravityZone’s cloud-based console now provides the ability to restore encrypted files from tamper-proof copies following a ransomware attack.

To learn more about Bitdefender’s new EDR and GravityZone platform are now available as a standalone product or through the cloud.