Acronis buddies up with Microsoft to offer integrated Azure backup

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Acronis has teamed up with Microsoft in a strategic partnership that will see the hybrid cloud protection business deeply integrate its services into Microsoft's Azure cloud service.

Although Acronis already provides a whole host of security protection services for Microsoft workloads, including those stored on workstations, servers, mobile devices and more, this new tie-up will boost the relationship, directly benefitting both partners and end-users.

The extension of the partnership between Acronis and Microsoft means customers and service providers will be able to store their own data and that belonging to clients in the Azure Cloud, safe in the knowledge that data is backed up and secured should something go wrong.

Azure will now be available as a backup location, alongside Acronis' own Cloud service and other third-party vendors that have existing partnerships with the company. Additionally, Microsoft and Acronis are working on implementing a more automated process for integrating Acronis with Azure, making it faster and simpler for customers to make use of the backup platform.

"Adding Azure as a native storage destination increases their options, making Acronis solutions even more attractive to use," Acronis President John Zanni said. "For any organisation that has built their strategy on Microsoft, this is great news.”

Acronis is hoping to build up relationships with all cloud suppliers in order to ensure anyone and everyone can access its services, whatever cloud they're storing their data on.

"By using the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and AI Tools/Services with the Acronis Backup service, Acronis will be able to work on bringing valuable analytics services to market, so their customers can understand and manage their data much more effectively,” Steve Guggenheimer, vice president of Business AI at Microsoft added.

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