Lenovo and Nutanix introduce hosted desktop as a service solution

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Lenovo and Nutanix have announced a new solution to help businesses address the growing demands of a remote workforce.

Called Lenovo TruScale for Hosted Desktops with Nutanix, the new solution combines the traditional, on-premises infrastructure with the simplicity and benefits of the cloud.

“Many organizations are modernizing their IT infrastructures to support the growing demands remote work continues to place on their IT systems,” said Kirk Skaugen, executive vice president of Lenovo Group.

“We are seeing a shift where customers are more interested in as-a-service models to help offset the investment associated with upgrading their IT systems quickly. Lenovo’s collaboration with Nutanix provides customers with a more secure, Hosted Desktop as-a-service solution that is easy to secure, deploy and manage with minimal up-front costs.”

A fully managed IT solution, the Lenovo-Nutanix Hosted Desktops service also includes devices, data center infrastructure, and management tools for a reduced up-front investment. Customers may choose to work with Lenovo’s services group to design their migration strategy, added Lenovo. What's more, Lenovo Managed Services makes infrastructure management convenient around the clock, saving IT administrators’ time.


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Most notably, Lenovo TruScale for Hosted Desktops with Nutanix reduces operational costs by co-locating compute, storage, and virtualization onto one cluster. Built on ThinkAgile HX systems and Nutanix cloud platform software, the service can tackle increased workload and scale for maximum flexibility.

Fraser Health Authority was an early adopter of the Lenovo-Nutanix hosted desktop solution in response to COVID-19. Through using this service, the Fraser Health Authority raised its IT capabilities to boost patient care during a statewide lockdown.

“We see that remote connectivity is more than just a short-term response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s part of our long-term strategy to ensure we can deliver vital health services no matter what,” said Wesley Kampff, portfolio manager at Fraser Health Authority.

“To streamline maintenance and support, our preference was to engage a single vendor to deliver the workstations and data center solutions. We were confident that replacing our traditional three-tier architecture with the cutting-edge ThinkAgile HX hyperconverged platform, with Nutanix, would offer the performance, availability and scalability we wanted,” added Kampff.