"The new IT will be no IT", says CA CTO

CA Technologies CTO Otto Berkes today laid out his vision for "the modern software factory" where agile business practices, round-the-clock feedback and DevOps workflows come together to create a continuous pipeline of new products and innovations.

"The modern software factory gives you the ability to rapidly build and deliver software experiences," he told attendees at the company's annual conference in Las Vegas.

"A great starting point? Agile. To rapidly realise value with minimal overhead, you need to change how you build software."

The sentiment echoes the overarching theme of CA World 2016, which has been predominantly focused on the importance of digital transformation, and completely overhauling how your business approaches software development.

Berkes noted that in many ways, software remains stuck in the past, centred around rigid silos in business areas like HR, sales and marketing. This is a hangover from when software was used to support the business, he said, but now software is a primary an enterprise driver.

"If this doesn't look like traditional IT, it's because IT itself is being completely redefined," Berkes said. "In fact, the new IT will be no IT. I don't mean that IT will go away - it's actually the opposite. Technology and business are becoming one."

"The pressure on you to innovate and achieve velocity is only going to intensify. The beauty of this is that nobody else can do what you can do. That gives you an edge you've never had before."

Adam Shepherd

Adam Shepherd has been a technology journalist since 2015, covering everything from cloud storage and security, to smartphones and servers. Over the course of his career, he’s seen the spread of 5G, the growing ubiquity of wireless devices, and the start of the connected revolution. He’s also been to more trade shows and technology conferences than he cares to count.

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