CROs keen to establish generative AI teams within two years

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More than a third of chief revenue officers (CROs) will establish a generative AI operations team within their go-to-market (GTM) organization by 2025, according to Gartner.

AI has become a hot topic in recent times and faster, deeper insight generated by the technology is expected to accelerate the speed at which GTM teams produce buyer content and adapt to market forces. This will result in improved reliability in terms of sales decision making, Gartner says, as well as a boost for end-to-end revenue outcomes.

According to the Seller Time Spend Assessment conducted in May 2023, surveyed sellers were found to currently spend over half of their time (52%) on creating and delivering value messaging across the sales process.

“There is a great burden on sellers to deliver customized value stories to all the buyers in all the deals in their pipeline,” commented Dan Gottlieb, senior director analyst in the Gartner Sales Practice. “When generative AI is strategically combined with seller creativity and compelling data, frontline sellers can craft better buyer messaging faster.”

Generative value messaging

The ability to harness generative AI for buyer-centric messaging and content has been dubbed ‘generative value messaging’ and is expected to reduce the time it takes sellers to produce and distribute content.

Gartner has devised a roadmap – the Generative Value Messaging Operational Framework – to help businesses to start resourcing deliberate generative AI activities and harness its benefits for “persuasive and personalized messaging”, as well as managing and mitigating risks.

This framework consists of five parts:

  • Value Messaging
  • Generative RevTech
  • Gen AI Operations
  • Messaging Workflows
  • Messaging Insights.t

The Value Messaging section offers a strategy for B2B sales messaging and storytelling, while Generative RevTech covers sales and marketing technology that features generative AI.

Gen AI Operations lays out management and tuning of generative AI data and systems, and Messaging Workflows tackles the design and operation of messaging workflows. The fifth component, Messaging Insights, offers reference for analysis of messaging insights and buyer activation.

Messaging strategists

The framework aims to help messaging strategists, who Gartner says will be “at the front line” of generative AI operations. Responsible for messaging program design, their role will involve fine-tuning generative AI models and overseeing content moderation policies to deliver generative value messaging.

In fact, the research firm predicts that 45% of B2B revenue organizations will list “prompt engineering” as a required skill on their messaging strategist job listings.

“By adopting generative value-messaging, CROs will improve sales execution for top-line growth, drive resource efficiencies that lower the cost of sales, and create more custom-made content for opportunities previously constrained by the limitations of only humans creating content,” Gottlieb added.

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