Wipro launches its cyber security studio in Texas

Wipro logo on a white sign against a grey building
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Wipro has added a new studio to its Technology Center in Plano, Texas. Developed in collaboration with ServiceNow, Wipro’s @now Studio will support customers’ digital transformation efforts.

The firm will also leverage the platform to develop novel industry solutions.

Additionally, @now Studio will draw upon ServiceNow's simplified processes and digital workflows to create custom solutions. ServiceNow’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) platform will help ensure data integrity and protect against external threats.

“The studio will focus on building competencies, serving as a platform to develop and showcase solutions, accelerating co-selling and co-creation with ServiceNow, and leveraging the ecosystem including universities and leading start-ups,” explained Wipro

Wipro’s Texas Technology Center, which houses the firm’s US cyber defense unit, is an incubator for developing advanced analytics and cloud technologies. @now Studio’s addition supports Wipro’s commitment to create jobs across Texas and hire graduates from Texas universities.

Wipro has also announced plans to open additional studios in Europe and the APMEA region.

“We are excited to strengthen our partnership with ServiceNow,” said Nagendra Bandaru, managing partner of iCORE at Wipro Limited.


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Bandaru added, “We look forward to leveraging the @now Studio to increase our ServiceNow capabilities, build solutions across industries, and help our customers simplify processes and automate their workflows. We are also thrilled to expand our presence in Texas and leverage the ecosystem the state has to offer. The Studio also represents an expansion of our cybersecurity capabilities and leverages the local workforce to accelerate innovation. Our collaboration with local universities will enhance employment opportunities and expand our intellectual property in cybersecurity.”

Texas Economic Development Corporation CEO Robert Allen said, “Today’s celebration marks an impressive journey for one of the world’s leading IT companies. Over the past several years, Wipro has grown significantly throughout Texas and the DFW region. Texas continues to be the perfect fit for Wipro as they build capabilities to help their customers innovate, optimize and modernize.”