Gemalto buys 3M's ID Management business

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Gemalto is to purchase 3M's Identity Management division, meaning it can start offering biometric technologies in addition to its other digital security products.

The announcement will offer partners the opportunity to sell in a wider range of security products to customers, tagging the biometric tech to 3M's current solutions, which contribute highly secure solutions to governments, law enforcement, border control and civil identification bodies worldwide.

Gemalto explained 3M's expertise could be applied to enhance its public sector dealings, including managing the enrolment and identification of individuals, the flow of passengers through transportation terminals and border controls to enhance national security.

The company has offered $850 million (£675 million) for the business, which includes 3M's efforts in civil identification, border control and law enforcement and 3M's Document Reader and Secure Materials.

"Gemalto is delighted to welcome new members to its international team. 3M's Identity Management Business and Gemalto perfectly fit, solving authentication and identity management pain points across our customer segments, creating immediate increased differentiation and offering additional long-term growth perspectives", said Philippe Vallée, Gemalto CEO.

3M's Identity Management Business will form part of Gemalto's Government Programs business, which generated £328 million last year. Although the company hasn't revealed what will happen to staff in 3M's Identity Management Division, it explained employee consultation would apply where required.

The companies are expected to complete the acquisition in the first half of 2017, following approval from regulatory and anti-trust authorities.

Clare Hopping
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