Colt unveils new Partner Hub to boost partner value

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Colt Technology Services has announced a new Partner Hub as the network and connectivity provider looks to deliver more value to its partners and customers around the world.

Launching this week, the new Colt Partner Hub has been designed to maximise the value of its partnerships and deliver innovative solutions to customers.

The initiative has been created as a response to the shift in how enterprises digitally transform, as well as how their evolving connectivity requirements become more complex.

Ultimately, the hub aims to create mutual value for Colt, partners and end customers alike, the provider said.

"As enterprises continue to digitally transform and connectivity requirements become more complex, cooperation, collaboration and co-creation within our partner ecosystem will be fundamental to delivering value to our end customers," explained Mark Hollman, interim VP of Market Development at Colt.

"Working together we will also bring value to our partners; accelerating innovation, creativity and improving the overall customer experience we can deliver."

Founded in 1992, Colt provides high bandwidth global network and voice services for enterprise and wholesale customers around the world – including optical, ethernet, cloud, cybersecurity, capital markets, business internet and VPN, as well as voice.

Now, the company’s new Partner Hub will offer a structured process around the firm’s partner development, from selection and onboarding to complete lifecycle management. Development will also be an ongoing process to help maximise the joint creation of business value.

It all marks the next step in Colt’s three-year strategy and organisational structure, which is designed to ensure the company is in the "best possible position" to remain a prominent player in the connectivity ecosystem, it said.

"As Colt and its partners come together through the Partner Hub, we will unlock and amplify our joint value, delivering the best of our industry to end customers," Hollman added.

"We are excited to embark on this next stage of partnership and innovation; there’s lots to look forward to for Colt, our partners and our customers across the world."

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