HPE overhauls sustainability services to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint

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HPE has announced an expansion of its portfolio of sustainability services, as well as a new sustainability dashboard on the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform.

The tech giant says the offerings have been designed to help organizations reduce the carbon footprint associated with their IT estates, and span technology, services, financing, and asset upcycling programs.

These new additions include new workshops and new sustainability baselining services that help bridge technology and data center facility solutions to provide analysis of overall consumption.

“Achieving sustainability targets in a hybrid IT environment can be complex and daunting,” commented Pradeep Kumar, senior vice president and general manager at HPE Services. “HPE breaks down this complexity with technologies and services that enable organizations to advance from strategy and design to operations and positive impact.

“Our unique, comprehensive approach helps customers transform sustainability initiatives from incremental pockets of activity to a holistic approach spanning every IT domain.”

HPE Right Mix Advisor

The first of HPE’s enhanced sustainability services focuses on new workshops that explore a combined and sustainable approach to IT, workloads, and data centers, HPE says, and are available now to those seeking to begin their journey.


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The second is a new batch of sustainability baselining services that aim to paint a clear picture of energy usage and emissions with the IT estate by considering commonly accepted accounting and reporting principles.

HPE is also offering access to an enhanced HPE Right Mix Advisor, which helps identify application modernization and hosting requirements. The firm says its revamped capabilities allow it to build an analysis of workload power consumption and calculate carbon footprint, be it collectively or at the application level. It’s also paired with the redesigned HPE Edge-to-Cloud Adoption Framework to enable support of sustainable IT goals in a business’ operating model.

New GreenLake sustainability dashboard

To aid with the monitoring and observation of energy consumption, HPE also revealed it will soon be introducing a new sustainability dashboard on its GreenLake platform to help organizations from the design stages of sustainable modernization into operations.

The hub will provide key insights on IT energy consumption, carbon emissions, and electricity costs by leveraging advanced analytics from the HPE portfolio across compute, storage, and networking.

The addition of new technology from OpsRamp, which HPE acquired earlier this year, will also offer further sustainable IT capabilities to the dashboard thanks to its unified approach to managing multi-vendor infrastructure and application resources.

Although currently being previewed with select clients, HPE CTO Fidelma Russo will showcase the dashboard during her keynote at the company’s HPE Discover 2023 event on 21st June, before the capability becomes available to all customers later this year.

HPE Digital Learner subscription service

HPE is also introducing new operational services to provide customers with what it calls a “continuum of sustainability features” – including access to dedicated experts, asset upcycling services, customized Circular Economy Reports, as well as access to additional certifications.

Additionally, a refreshed HPE Digital Learner subscription service also now includes sustainable upskilling for IT and data center facility employees. That means organizations can now offer their employees access to the ‘ITIL 4 certificate: Sustainability in Digital and IT’ and the ‘EPI Certified Data Center Environmental Sustainability Specialist (CDESS)’ certifications directly from HPE.

Financing program expansion

Elsewhere, HPE has expanded its Financial Services Force for Good Financing Program to include additional industry-recognized standard indexes, which increases the number of SMBs eligible for the program. When combined with HPE Asset Upcycling Services, the firm says businesses can support broader sustainability initiatives through all stages of the IT asset lifecycle.

Gerri Gold, executive vice president, president and CEO of HPE Financial Services, said the program is designed to reward organizations for progress they achieve on their sustainability initiatives.

“Combined with the visibility and insights from the sustainability dashboard on HPE GreenLake, and the comprehensive expertise from the HPE Services team, HPE is well equipped to act as a strategic partner to any organization seeking to reduce their IT carbon footprint and make progress on sustainability,” he said.

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