The UK 2020 Databerg report

A man rowing a boat in front of an iceberg - The UK 2020 Databerg report - whitepaper from Veritas

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Cloud technology hasn’t been around for long, but its evolution in that time has been nothing less than staggering. The level of understanding around what can be achieved through deploying a cloud environment has also grown at a rapid pace, particularly in the past five years. No longer simply a data storage mechanism, the cloud is now a business optimisation tool like no other.

But research conducted by Veritas and Vanson Bourne in 2015 and 2020 shows that cloud adoption in organisations in the UK has not advanced as far as was predicted five years ago. With data volumes only continuing to grow, it will be necessary to regularly review cloud and data management strategies, as well as the tools in place, if future targets are to be met.

Download this report to understand the importance of cloud and good data management.


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