Affogata raises $5.5M for its AI-powered customer intelligence platform

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Customer intelligence platform Affogata has raised $5.5 million in a funding round led by Mangrove Capital Partners and PICO Venture Partners. Wix Capital and Fiverr Founder and CEO, Micha Kaufman, also participated in the funding round.

Affogata said it’ll use the funds to scale its business and develop new customer solutions. The Israeli startup also aims to strengthen its research and development department.

Affogata's artificial intelligence-driven platform gleans information from a wealth of open data sources about the brand and its competitors to provide real-time actionable insights.

"Our ability to provide customer opinions and actionable insights for multiple stakeholders in real-time is a major differentiator for any brand, especially with the continued rise of online communities like Reddit," said Affogata Co-founder and CEO Sharel Omer.

"This funding round is a big vote of confidence in our platform and will provide us with the ability to empower countless brands with a robust set of tools to improve their products, strengthen their online presence, and really stand apart when it comes to offering a superior customer experience while maintaining a strong reputation."

As an alternative to multiple tools focused solely on listening and responding, Affogata enables proactive responses and high levels of automation. Powered by millions of data points, Affogata’s platform eliminates bots and spammers with AI-powered moderation. This saves moderators countless hours of manual work.


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Affogata also features competitor tracking, so companies have the information they need to make informed decisions. Businesses can also use the platform to find influencers and comprehend their reach, thereby channeling resources effectively.

"Being able to make decisions to improve product development and the customer experience based on expansive, real-time data is now mission-critical and Affogata's product has become a customer intelligence solution for leading global brands," said Claudia De Antoni, Operating Partner at PICO Venture Partners

"We're excited to join the Affogata team and look forward to seeing many more brands adopting the kind of customer-first approach their technology enables."