22 per cent of Microsoft customers using Windows 10

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Two of the world's operating system monitors have reported almost a quarter of all Microsoft-powered devices are using Windows 10, although it is still far away from the company's target of a billion devices.

According to Netmarketshare and StatCounter, Microsoft's latest operating system was running on 23.52 per cent and 21.13 per cent of devices respectively as of 31 July, giving an average of 22 per cent between the two counters. Microsoft's most recent figures, however, revealed Windows 10 is running on 350 million devices, meaning it is still around 650 million devices short of its one billion device target.

Taking into account the fact company is switching around 50 million customers every two months, it means the target should be reached in another year.

However, these figures relate to the consumer market rather than the enterprise market and it would seem the company has even further to go before it is running on all business devices.

Last week it was announced almost two thirds of firms have not signed up to Windows 10 upgrades yet, mostly because they are already content with their current operating systems and want to ensure their applications will run smoothy on the newest OS before making the jump.

Of those who have upgraded already, security was one of the top reasons for choosing to upgrade, although there is no denying the freebie had an impact, with 63 per cent of enterprises telling Spiceworks that is why they decided to make the move.

Windows 7's marketshare has not decreased as much as may have been expected, considering Windows 10 has seen such a jump, with the older operating system's marketshare dropping by about two per cent according to both trackers on global desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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