Medigate and CrowdStrike bolster IoT medical device security

A stethoscope on top of a MacBook keyboard
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Medigate and CrowdStrike have joined forces to provide integrated endpoint security for Internet of Things (IoT) medical devices.

With more and more medical devices entering hospital networks, health care delivery organizations (HDOs) face the difficult challenge of ensuring visibility into every connected device or terminal.

Medigate and CrowdStrike aim to solve this problem by offering HDOs a consolidated view of threat activity across connected devices.

As part of the partnership, CrowdStrike will integrate its Falcon software with Medigate’s device security platform, allowing HDOs to manage risk outcomes, detect anomalies, and enhance response capabilities.


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Falcon by CrowdStrike monitors and safeguards functions and applications installed on all managed endpoint devices and workloads. Medigate device security platform (MDSP) offers critical insights into clinical protocols, communications, and workflows in a network.

The integration will allow MDSP to incorporate Falcon’s telemetry into its passive network monitoring. In addition to providing a 360-degree view of the environment, the combined solution will enable HDOs to monitor their managed and unmanaged endpoints for signs of intrusion and block them from becoming successful.

“We have seen a significant number of cyber attacks and ransomware against hospitals over the past year and this number will only increase in the future. A hospital should focus on patient care, rather than seeking to respond to external threats, ” said Matthew Polly, vice president of worldwide alliances, channels, and business development at CrowdStrike.

“Medigate's unique interest in the healthcare IoT industry is very effective in helping to reduce the fields of attack. With CrowdStrike and Medigate, HDOs can accurately see, detect, respond and prevent attacks across the IT and clinical landscape to safeguard their operations and data - including patient information. "