Iconfirm seeks UK channel partners in GDPR drive

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With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) due to apply to the UK on 25 May 2018, SaaS vendor Iconfirm is looking for UK partners to distribute its compliance software to companies trying to get their houses in order.

The channel drive will offer partners enhanced margins with revenues based upon sign-on fees, monthly licensing costs and hosting fees alongside revenue generated from monthly consent volume of the software, aimed at businesses trying to ensure compliance with the stricter incoming data protection rules.

“There is an opportunity for companies to do so much more than simply tick the box of compliance, and actually improve customer relations and decrease churn, all by treating customers with a bit of sensitivity when handling their data," said UK director and VP of international sales, Mike McEwan.

“We believe that the solution will allow partners to not only make a real difference to their customers but really add to their own bottom line, and have opportunities to add value throughout the length of the relationship. GDPR is not going to go away, and as more companies wake up to the fact that they are going to be impacted, more are going to need a solution that takes away the headache, whilst keeping end users happy,” he claimed.

Iconfirm will focus on compliance with the new guidelines, aiming to help businesses process personal data by obtaining consent for processing personnel data, authenticating those giving consent, restricting data processing, informing people how their data will be used, managing access controls, generating reports for stakeholders and providing a portal where end users can manage their rights.

It will also ensure businesses can manage their data handling through the use of a single portal, including notification support if an end user's preferences change.

“We have found in Norway that partners are able to immediately add value across a number of verticals," McEwan added. “The fact that the solution is not just a box or consultant purporting to help companies through the GDPR maze, but actually a trusted data processor, gives us real credence. It can be used as a standalone solution, but importantly it can easily and securely be plugged in to existing systems to ensure data integrity.

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