Darktrace partners with HackerOne to bring AI to attack resistance

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Cyber security-based artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Darktrace has teamed up with attack resistance management provider HackerOne to combine AI with Attack Surface Management (ASM).

The collaboration will combine Darktrace’s PREVENT/Attack Surface Management technology with the continuous security assessment capabilities of the HackerOne platform.

Building on HackerOne’s OpenASM initiative, the partnership is aiming to help organisations secure their digital estate through leading technology and a community of ethical hackers.

HackerOne said it recognised the need for an ASM partner that could enhance the asset discovery efforts of its hacker community. As a result, it selected Darktrace’s PREVENT/ASM offering, which uses AI to perform reconnaissance on a target attack surface by simply knowing the name of an organisation and identifying threats to that target.

In an announcement, the firm said the combination of AI and security expertise will deliver continuous insight to eliminate blind spots across a company’s digital landscape. Darktrace and HackerOne will also collaborate to train on ASM best practices.

"We are partnering with Darktrace because of their leadership in security, global coverage, and the flexibility of their asset discovery product to protect organisations of every type and size,” explained Ashish Warty, SVP of Engineering at HackerOne.

“The innovation and quality of their AI technology combined with the HackerOne Attack Resistance Management platform will improve the effectiveness of vulnerability discovery and provide the foundation for jointly developed security solutions that combine the best of human and machine intelligence."

AI and machine learning are fast becoming key facets of successful cyber security tools, enabling crucial functionality such as intelligent data analysis, automation, and identification of emerging threats.

When combined with ASM, organisations can more intelligently protect their infrastructure through continuous discovery, classification, and monitoring from an attacker’s perspective.

Back in June, HackerOne launched OpenASM, which helps organisations combine external scan data from ASM products with the firm’s own proactive security testing capabilities to assess attack surface risks.

Back in February, Darktrace also completed a €47.5 million (£39.6 million) acquisition of attack surface management startup Cybersprint, which offers penetration testing services, asset mapping and continuous, real-time insights.

With this new partnership, Darktrace said customers will now be able to quickly gain visibility of their external assets, while hacker expertise will enable targeted testing and data enrichment to address most critical risks.

"We have always embraced the hacker community, but with this partnership, we are making that more visible to the outside world,” explained Pieter Jansen, SVP of Cyber Innovation at Darktrace.

"By providing ASM data to HackerOne programs, participating hackers become more efficient at finding vulnerabilities and spend less time on reconnaissance.”

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