Logpoint partners with Prianto to bolster MSSPs’ security capabilities

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Logpoint has announced a new partnership with Prianto in a move the firm said will help MSSPs in central Europe better tackle cyber threats on a larger scale.

Founded in Germany in 2009, Prianto specializes in the distribution of enterprise software across Europe and supplying channel resellers with its portfolio of focused vendor solutions. 

Since its beginning in Munich, the company has evolved into a group of companies that serve IT markets across Europe and Canada.

The new partnership will see Prianto add Logpoint’s Converged SIEM, a solution that combines security tools into a single platform to accelerate threat detection, investigation, and response, into its portfolio. 

The firm will also distribute Logpoint Director, a platform designed to help MSSPs operate multiple SIEM deployments.

In an announcement, Sven Bagemihl, Logpoint’s regional director for CEMEA, said the move will help the company meet European MSSPs’ security needs and provide them with a springboard for future growth.

“Our joint competencies ensure that more MSSPs can use Logpoint to solve the swivel chair operation challenges that managing multiple deployments causes,” he commented. “Together, we instead enable them to focus on scaling their compliance and cyber security services without the need to increase staff.”

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Logpoint works to help organizations defend against cyber attacks and streamline their security operations with its range of security solutions.

Based on converged SIEM, UEBA, and SOAR technologies, the firm’s threat detection, investigation, and response offering aims to equip businesses in Europe with high-quality data, continuously updated security content, flexible deployment options, as well as predictable licensing.

“Logpoint has really thought through the challenges faced by MSSPs and SOCs, offering multi-tenancy to make it easier to manage environments across customers,” commented Miro Milos, Prianto’s director of business unit security.

“That is a game-changer for MSSPs looking to enhance collaboration and save time and resources.


“In addition, Logpoint can deliver a pay-as-you-go, predictable pricing model, which is convenient to use and makes it easy to scale up and down as needed.”

The partnership follows the European Union’s introduction of the Network Information Security Directive (NIS2), which takes effect from October, as well as the new German IT Security Act 2.0, which aims to increase cyber security in organizations that operate critical infrastructure.

“The new and expanding compliance regulations in the cyber security domain drive demand for more security services and force organizations to look at European providers,” Milos added.

“For MSSPs to capture the demand, having a European-based vendor is just more valuable, and Logpoint’s European foundation is a great strength in this regard.”

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