G Data products on Amazon and Play

Woman holding a smartphone and installing an antivirus on her laptop

G Data Software, providers of antivirus software, has announced that its 2012 retail product range will be made available at Amazon.co.uk and Play.com.

All products in the range are currently available to purchase on Amazon, while they will be made available at Play from 6 June. Consumers who purchase any G Data software will also be able to download the company's MobileSecurity app for free. MobileSecurity will be available for Android smartphones and tablets from 1 July, protecting them from malware.

“We are delighted to announce these two new partnerships”, says James Coombes, UK channel sales manager for G Data. “Having just launched the 2012 consumer products at Infosecurity, we are thrilled to add both Amazon and Play to our existing partners. As two of the most recognised online retailers in the UK, these partnerships signify our growing presence in the UK.’