Oracle partner e-DBA re-brands as Red Stack Tech

Oracle logo on the side of a building
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Oracle Platinum Partner e-DBA Ltd is to undergo a merger and re-brand that will see the firm change its name to Red Stack Tech Ltd.

To date, e-DBA Ltd has operated under the holding company, Red Stack Technology Ltd alongside sister company 3sixty-analytics, another Oracle specialist that specialises in Business Intelligence. The re-branding will see the companies merge to form the new Red Stack Tech brand along with a new acquisition of Polish Oracle partner, Gridwise.

Red Stack Tech says that in addition to unifying the three companies under one brand, the move is intended to reflect its evolution from remote database organisation in 1998 to its current market position with capabilities across the entire technology stack.

“When we started the company, our initial focus was on providing Oracle database services so the original brand made sense and connected with our audience. As we have evolved it has become clear that the brand name e-DBA only speaks to a fraction of the audience that the company works with today,” comments Alex Louth, managing director of e-DBA Ltd.

“The brand name Red Stack Tech acts as a connector between the company and Oracle, to whom we are longstanding Platinum Partners - It is a way of reinforcing the company’s evolution alongside the industry and accurately reflects that our service capabilities encompass the whole Oracle technology stack.”

The firm says it will continue to invest in new skills and technology and by expanding its presence in new markets, with several new global acquisitions already in the pipeline.

Red Stack Tech says the acquisition of database and data analytics business, Gridwise, is a strategic win. The 11 year old company’ “profitable and healthy database business” averages 50 percent annual growth and has diverse vertical market coverage that includes retail, manufacturing and insurance. The company is also situated in Krakow, and will act as platform for Red Stack Tech to build from as it continues its future expansion into Europe.

The re-branding to Red Stack Tech is expected to be completed by January 2016.


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