“A monumental game changer” — Kaseya launches new all-in-one subscription service for MSPs

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IT management and cyber security software provider Kaseya has cut the ribbon on Kaseya 365, a new all-in-one subscription the firm said will revolutionize the way MSPs do business and boost their profitability.

Available now, the offering has been designed to provide MSPs with seamless access to manage, secure, back up, and automate their clients’ environments at a considerably lower cost than alternative setups.

Kaseya 365 encompasses remote monitoring and management (RMM), antivirus protection, endpoint detection and response (EDR), and managed detection and response (MDR), as well as patch management, ransomware rollback, and endpoint backup.

In an announcement, Kaseya said this new first-of-its-kind subscription will change the unit economics for MSPs and deliver a significant increase in profitability overnight.

“Kaseya 365 is a monumental game changer – one that is going to flip the industry on its head and power its future,” commented Fred Voccola, CEO of Kaseya.

“Everything we’ve done over the past decade has led us to this moment, and I cannot wait to see our MSPs experience these immense benefits.”

Voccola teased the recent announcement in discussion with ITPro in late March, describing the move as a major differentiator for MSPs working with the firm. 

“I will say that we have a really, really big announcement that we’re [making] at our event in Las Vegas in April," he said. 

"MSPs powered by Kaseya will not be able to be competed with. Our goal is to make [those] in this room so much better than the other rooms that may be out there that everyone wants to come into this one. We’re super excited about it and it’s because of folks like you that we’ve been able to.”

Kaseya 365 will offer a "tremendous financial advantage" for MSPs

Thanks to its built-in automations, Kaseya said the offering will streamline MSPs’ workflows and simplify complicated tasks to help minimize manual mistakes, reduce vendor fatigue, and improve technical efficiency.

“With Kaseya 365, MSPs powered by Kaseya have a tremendous financial and operational advantage over their peers,” Voccola added.

“Not only are their profits 30-50% higher, but they no longer have to make hard decisions about what technology to include for their customers based on cost.”

Kaseya 365 is available for $3.99 per endpoint as a limited time offer until the end of May, before rising to its standard price of $5.25 per endpoint.

Alternatively, MSPs can subscribe to Kaseya 365 Express - which does not include MDR - for $1.75 per endpoint, rising to its standard $2.25 cost.

Partner First Pledge

Alongside its new subscription offering, Kaseya has also detailed its new Partner First Pledge, which incorporates five key pledges to provide partners with increased flexibility, while simultaneously prioritizing their profitability and performance.

The first involves Kaseya re-emphasizing the availability of all its products on one-year and three-year agreements, with the firm bringing its one-year contract pricing more in line with its multi-year options.


The second centers on Kaseya’s FLEXSpend for Backup program that it launched last year to help MSPs switch between its range of backup solutions. Following its success, the company said it is now expanding the program to its entire portfolio, allowing customers to reallocate their budget from one product to another to meet changing market needs.

With catastrophic client loss protection, MSPs can modify or amend contracts in the face of significant client loss to help navigate the aftereffects of losing a large client, while Kaseya’s price lock guarantee aims to protect customers from unpredictable price increases, capping any hikes to a maximum of 5%, plus inflation adjustments.

Lastly, Kaseya has introduced month-to-month contracts for Datto BCDR, meaning partners can now purchase new subscriptions or renew existing contracts based on the ever-changing business continuity and disaster recovery landscape.

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