Civo snaps up open source GitOps platform Kubefirst

Civo promotional image showing company branding alongside Kubefirst logo on a blue background.
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Cloud native service provider Civo has announced the acquisition of open source GitOps-powered platform Kubefirst from its parent company Kubeshop. 

Founded in 2019, Kubefirst is an open source instant GitOps platform that integrates a variety of open source platform tools for Kubernetes management.

The platform has grown in popularity since its inception, with a growing number of users adopting the solution to manage their public cloud, private cloud, and local platform building needs. The last 18 months have also seen Kubefirst expand the platform to support additional cloud providers.

Post-acquisition, Civo said it will integrate the Kubefirst platform into its own offerings as part of its efforts to simplify and streamline the complexities of cloud computing.

The cloud native service provider did not reveal financial terms but said Kubefirst will continue to operate as its own entity, in alignment with its mission to maintain an open source software version and its agnostic cloud provider integrations.

"We are thrilled to welcome Kubefirst into the Civo family,” said Mark Boost, CEO at Civo. “This acquisition is a key milestone in our journey to reduce the complexity of cloud computing and provide more accessible, efficient, and scalable cloud solutions.

"Kubefirst aligns perfectly with our vision and values, and we are excited about the possibilities that this partnership unlocks. We are committed to maintaining the open source nature of Kubefirst and look forward to contributing to its continued success."

Civo eyes "fair, equitable, and open" cloud industry

London-based Civo is the first cloud native service provider that focuses solely on cloud native technologies to deliver reliable and simplified infrastructure that is built to scale rapidly on-demand.

The firm provides infrastructure built on Kubernetes, sustainable cloud GPUs, access to edge managed machine learning and new ML models, and more.

Civo says it believes in a cloud that is “fair, equitable, and open” and one that supports business growth without the hurdles of escalating costs or vendor lock-in

With the Kubefirst acquisition, the firm aims to drive enhanced products and further cloud innovation, with customers now able to leverage the pair’s combined expertise.

"Joining forces with Civo opens up a wealth of opportunities for Kubefirst to accelerate our mission,” commented Kubefirst CEO John Dietz.

“This partnership marks the beginning of an exciting chapter, allowing us to leverage Civo's resources while continuing to serve our community and maintain our foundational principles. We remain dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the Kubernetes ecosystem."

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