LogMeIn embarks on partner programme expansion

GoTo by LogMeIn logo

LogMeIn has made its GoTo enterprise collaboration tools available in Europe and is now looking to expand its partner network across the region.

GoToConnect, GoToRoom and more of its unified communications and collaboration (UCC) products - which were announced in March - were only available in the Americas up until now.

Making its all-in-one suite of tools available in the UK, Ireland and Germany this summer means the company will be in a unique position, Pablo Gargiulo, vice president of sales at LogMeIn, told Channel Pro.

Gargiulo attributed historic low European adoption rate of UC products to the "power of incumbency" held by the big communications companies, such as BT, which have a commanding market share.

Despite this, Gargiulo thinks LogMeIn can match its success in the Americas or APAC within a year.

"Adoption is growing fast. [It's] not at the level of the US or APAC 19-24% growth... Partners allow us to go places where [LogMeIn] couldn't go otherwise and accelerate the sales process," he said.

He also pointed to the fact that LogMeIn's UCC products are different to BT's, which is why it can feels confident that partners will flock to the company.

"We have our own products. It's an all-in-one solution and fully integrated - usability and pricing is quite unique. It's very impressive," Gargiulo added.

LogMeIn has existing US-based partners with European operations, as well as European partners looking to grow, but more partners are needed to meet the rate of growth it's experiencing in the Americas, according to Gargiulo.

"We've started the conversations and so far the response has been extraordinary," he said.

Gargiulo was keen to stress the company is mindful that some partners don't just sell its products. As such, it recognises it needs to simplify things, particularly when it comes to pricing.

"In the Americas, we've been successful in healthcare, automotive, education, and law firms. When you go to the cloud you no longer need phone circuits - that connectivity goes away - so it becomes beneficial to switch from CAPEX to an OPEX model," he said.

LogMeIn's $350 million acquisition of Jive Communications in the first half of 2018 was one of the most impactful acquisitions for the channel during that period and it proved to be hugely successful for the brand.

Because of this, LogMeIn is taking the unified partner programme model it used with Jive and applying it to the GoTo suite as it expands first in Europe and then into the Middle East and Africa.

Gargiulo attributed the programme's success to the simplicity of its "all-in pricing" which means you get every feature in the portfolio for one price.


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