Kyocera partners with HPE to provide net-zero workshops

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Kyocera has struck a new partnership with HPE to deliver workshops aimed at helping businesses tackle their net-zero challenges.

Led by Kyocera Group company Annodata, the one-on-one, 90 minute workshops will examine participating organizations’ current sustainability trajectory and target obstacles that may be hindering their progress towards net-zero.

Annodata’s group sales director, Steve Doust, will help lead the workshops alongside HPE master technologist and sustainable transformation lead Abou Zahab, who will offer insight into how organizations can meet net-zero targets. 


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Additionally, the pair will be joined by Kevin Wragg, director of environment and quality compliance at TD Synnex, who will bring a focus on the “bigger picture” of what each business would like to achieve from their strategies. 

The sessions will be personalized based on the individual needs of each participating client, and can be held at the offices of either Kyocera or HPE

Clients will also be able to attend virtually or at a more suitable location if required, Kyocera said. 

Vital sustainability goals

In an announcement, Doust said reducing carbon footprint is not just crucial from an ethical perspective, but it is also becoming “increasingly vital” in maintaining business competitiveness.

“Today, prospective customers in both the private and public sector are highly likely to take environmental credentials into account when making purchasing decisions, with this trend only set to accelerate in future,” he explained. 

“Making green choices can bring other benefits too, from attracting and retaining the best workplace talent, to reducing energy bills. 

“This is why we’re so pleased to join forces with the knowledgeable teams at HPE and TD Synnex to help customers make major strides in terms of sustainability.“

Tailored to the specific needs and setups of each organization, each workshop will analyze both the unique factors as well as the common challenges that organizations face across the board.

“Some of the key questions the workshops will answer include: what exactly is slowing your business down? Do you know how to improve your IT strategy for optimum efficiency? What do you need to do to maximize the value of the organization’s asset lifecycle? Are there any other major barriers stopping you from becoming more sustainable?” Doust said.

By placing a spotlight on one business at a time, Doust said the intention is for these workshops to move away from the more generalized feel of many sustainability business discussions.

“We chose to host a customized workshop as it offers greater personalization than a webinar, which is often more general and has to cater towards everyone in the audience, meaning most people don’t get the advice that they need,” he added. 

“We believe focusing our attention on just one business at a time will provide a more tailored experience.”

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