DigitalGift’s Buy Local platform brings big gains for small merchants

DigitalGift logo on a white background

With the holiday season fast approaching, DigitalGift has announced a new Buy Local program to help extend small businesses’ market share in the gift card space.

Because they’re expensive to operate, the plastic gift card market has long been dominated by large, recognized brands, overshadowing small businesses almost completely. Given the amount of customization available today, customers are now choosing electronic gift cards over plastic ones.

As the shift to digital gift cards continues, small merchants finally stand a chance to gain a sizable share of the $337 billion gift card industry and increase their revenue.

By using DigitalGift’s Buy Local app, local merchants can run highly targeted yet affordable marketing campaigns based on available customer data and ZIP code. Similarly, customers can do a ZIP code search in the DigitalGift app to buy gift cards from local businesses.

Buy Local is an extension of DigitalGift’s existing app that serves over 250 nationally and internationally recognized brands.

Jim Clark, CEO of DigitalGift says, "This new capability provides a much-needed avenue for small merchants to stay relevant and enjoy the loyalty that national brands have garnered from their customers for decades.

"We are proud to be able to offer this on our app at a time when small businesses, now more than ever, need to bring revenue back."