Immersive Labs launches tier-free partner programme

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Immersive Labs has announced the launch of its new channel-first partner programme, as the cyber security software firm looks to build on strong recent growth.

The initiative forms part of the company’s global channel-first strategy, which it hopes will help further drive up the number of organisations using its cyber readiness platform.

Designed to eliminate complexity, the program offers a tier-free structure and a new partner portal, and launches with 50 new partners to help springboard the firm into primary territories such as North America, South America, and EMEA.

“Threat actors continue to up their game across the board, making it more important than ever to ensure the skills levels of an organisation’s defenders, responders and decision-makers keep pace,” said James Hadley, Immersive Labs CEO.

“These skills are still in critical shortage around the globe, which is why we are growing at a strong pace, a demand we hope our channel partners can help us fulfil.”

With a platform that upskills security, engineering, and senior management teams, as well as helping hire relevant diverse talent, Immersive Labs is designed to improve and measure cyber security skills across an entire organisation.

The software provides metrics that gives security leaders insight into human cyber skills and readiness levels across their organisation, as well as offering dynamic labs and crisis scenarios that track the threat landscape.

Now, the new Immersive Labs Partner Program is also streamlining its channel process, offering partners a transparent structure without complex ‘precious metals’, caveats and overly descriptive guidelines, it says.

Partners also get access to a brand-new portal for tracking and registering activity, as well as accessing training materials, marketing assets, and special events.

Ultimately, the program aims to increase the growing number of organisations using Immersive Labs to increase, measure and demonstrate human cyber capabilities, the provider says.

“We designed a channel program specifically to help us fulfil demand in a low-friction, simple to implement strategy,” commented Jake Alosco, Senior Director Global Channels at Immersive Labs.

“As organisations look to transform and develop a culture of security training, our channel partners are incentivised with an easy ramp-up, quick selling techniques, and no barriers to entry.”

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