NordPass teams up with insurance provider Cowbell Cyber to improve security awareness

A person holding a tablet with the NordPass app displayed

Password manager NordPass has inked a new deal with cyber insurance provider Cowbell Cyber, which will provide its policy holders with discounted cyber security tools.

Cowbell Cyber, which provides custom-designed policies based on risk profiles, operates a continuous risk assessment platform that alerts policyholders to security vulnerabilities, improving risk posture and preventing potential incidents.

NordPass will now be incorporated into Cowbell Rx, Cowbell's referral platform for cyber security solutions and risk management, as part of the deal. Policy holders will also be offered a 15% discount on NordPass Business.

“With ever-increasing cybercrime, we highly encourage all of our customers to think about cyber insurance. Implementing and using a password manager, having Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in place, or having an import detection response tool - all of these things reduce your risk, and that ultimately may increase your chances of securing a cyber-insurance policy,” commented ​​Gerald Kasulis, head of business and channel operations at NordPass.

NordPass has also announced an upcoming free webinar on cyber insurance and ways to assess cyber hygiene. Participants will be able to hear about the biggest concerns they have regarding cyber-risks, as well as how they can improve their cyber security.


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The webinar is being led by Arch Insurance Group’s VP and cyber risk product leader Shiraz Saeed, AmTrust Financial Services’ VP and head of cyber claims Andrew Lipton, and Cowbell Cyber’s head of claims and risk engineering Theresa Le.

“Together with our partners NordPass, Cowbell brings streamlined access to top cybersecurity solutions to current and future policyholders to maximize their ability to be secure,” said Theresa Le.

“We connect directly with trusted partners to improve the cyber risk profile of our policyholders.”