Avast launches Ransomware Shield for small businesses

A close up of a smartphone with the Avast logo displayed, with a blurred Avast software box in the background

Avast has announced a new solution to help small businesses combat rising ransomware attacks.

Dubbed Ransomware Shield, the new solution provides an additional layer of protection, ensuring uninterrupted access to data and systems in the event of a cyber attack. Additionally, the tool’s proactive protection limits unauthorized access, bolstering security, and privacy.


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Ransomware Shield is available as part of Avast Essential, Premium, and Ultimate Business Security packages for Windows devices and macOS. In tandem with Avast's existing cyber solutions, including Web Shield, File Shield and Behavior Shield, Ransomware Shield helps businesses employ multi-layered protection to thwart threat actors' illicit activities.

Enabled by default, the solution also offers users the ability to customize the list of protected files and folders under “policy” in Avast Business Hub.

"Small businesses are facing a growing threat from ransomware, with cybercriminals increasingly targeting smaller organizations to encrypt crucial business data and disrupt operations. The results can be devastating for small businesses that lack the financial and technical resources to rebound from such attacks,” explained Filip Hlinka, VP of product at Avast.

Hlinka added: “Avast's antivirus has always offered consumers and business users powerful protection against cyberthreats including ransomware, and Ransomware Shield offers a purpose-built, additional layer of protection which helps to secure businesses' most crucial files against these highly damaging attacks."

Earlier this month, NortonLifeLock's $8.6bn acquisition of Avast was provisionally approved by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), following an investigation that ruled out unfair competition concerns.