KPMG to add automation across its business with Alteryx partnership

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KPMG has signed a 'strategic alliance' with Californian tech firm Alteryx that will aim to boost the accountancy giant's data analytics services.

With Alteryx, KPMG will seek to push forward plans to automate its own systems, while simultaneously ramping up its data handling platforms.


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The two firms will combine their expertise in developing data strategies and digital transformation programs to help companies deploy "automated analytics" into everyday business processes so they can make "smarter and faster decisions". All of this will be powered by Alteryx's unified end-to-end analytics automation platform, which is rolling out across KPMG's systems over the coming months.

The two companies will be able to deliver actionable insights and also reduce operational costs, according to KPMG, with shared clients able to accelerate digital transformation plans with data-driven insights powering automation.

"As we adapt to the digital age, we are seeing a cultural shift across the firm to one founded in technology and data," said Emily Watkins, KPMG's head of deal analytics. "But trapping our capabilities in our technology teams is simply unsustainable. Working with Alteryx will put the power of data science and automated analytics in the hands of our people and our clients - empowering the next generation of data workers to capitalise on what their data is telling them."

Alteryx, which was founded in 1997 by the software entrepreneur Dean Stoecker, was originally known as 'SRC LLC'. The company provided demographic mapping systems to the US government for use in its yearly census.

The term 'Alteryx' was a type of data mapping software the company released in 2006, which it adopted as its name four years later. The company went public in 2017, floating on the New York stock exchange, and is headquartered in Irvine, California, with a development centre in Colorado.

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