SAP and Google Cloud unveil new open data offering

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SAP and Google Cloud have expanded their partnership to include a comprehensive new open data offering, designed to simplify data landscapes and help enterprises view their entire data estates in real time.

The new integration will help customers build an end-to-end data cloud that pulls together data from across the enterprise landscape using both SAP Datasphere and Google’s data cloud, without the risk of duplication.

By combining critical business data – such as supply chain information, financial forecasting, and human resources records - with non-SAP data from Google Cloud, organizations can leverage a “fully-defined data foundation”, the long-time tech collaborators said.

In an announcement, Christian Klein, CEO and member of the executive board of SAP SE, said the development introduces “entirely new opportunities” for organizations to “derive more value from their full data footprints”. 

“SAP and Google Cloud share a commitment to open data and our extended partnership will help break down barriers between data stored in disparate systems, databases, and environments,” he said.

“Our customers not only benefit from the business AI already built into our systems, but also from a unified data foundation.”

This disparate business data is pulled together using SAP Datasphere and sent to Google Cloud’s fully managed, serverless data warehouse offering BigQuery, where users can perform further analysis.


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That includes actioning queries to blend data from both SAP and non-SAP software, eliminating common data siloes from various sources across the likes of marketing, sales, finance, and the supply chain.

Additionally, users can generate trusted insights using Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services to train data models from both SAP and non-SAP systems, as well as perform advanced analysis to explore financial and business outcomes.

“SAP and Google Cloud now offer an incredibly comprehensive and open data cloud, providing a foundation for the future of enterprise AI,” said Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud CEO. “Few resources are as important to digital transformation as data. 

“By deeply integrating SAP data and systems with our data cloud, customers will be able to utilize our analytics capabilities, as well as advanced AI tools and large language models to find new insights from their data.”

The companies also revealed they plan to partner on joint go-to-market initiatives for enterprises’ largest data projects, enabling customers to adopt data products from both SAP and Google Cloud.

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