Rockwell and Kezzler join forces to enhance supply chain visibility

Truck, inventory, people, and more being tracked via satellite

Rockwell Automation and Kezzler AS are teaming up to develop an advanced asset-monitoring platform to help manufacturers track the course of their products from conception to sale and beyond.

Per the agreement, Rockwell will link its supply chain infrastructure with Kezzler's tracking technology. Additionally, Kezzler’s cloud-based solutions will offer seamless integration and access to legacy record-keeping systems, including immutable ledgers and traditional databases.

The arrangement is aimed at providing customers with a unified tracking platform that connects suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, and consumers. What’s more, unique identifiers can be used to digitally identify and track products at every stage of production.

“Our partnership with Kezzler will provide greater supply chain transparency to enhance safety and quality control measures, ensure regulatory compliance, and meet ESG goals with cloud-based technologies that are easy to implement and easy to use,” said Matt Fordenwalt, VP and general manager of systems and solutions business at Rockwell Automation.

Fordenwalt continued, “By combining our technology and expertise with Kezzler’s, we can quickly design and deliver a serialization solution customized to meet specific business requirements with advanced cloud-native software.”


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But that’s not all. Following the recently announced Plex Systems acquisition, Rockwell will incorporate Plex's cloud-native factory floor track-and-trace capabilities into Kezzler's product digitization system. The combined solution will offer a comprehensive supply chain management system that is deep in functionality and vast in scope.

“Together, we can help manufacturers connect all points of a product’s journey, beginning with its inception and ending with its point of sale, consumption, or even where it’s recycled. Tying upstream and downstream data together creates true end-to-end traceability, with a single data repository for each product,” said Christine Akselsen, Kezzler CEO.