Smart Interview's Zoom and Microsoft Teams integration simplifies candidate management

SHL Smart Interview interface

SHL announced it’s integrating Smart Interview, its live interviewing technology, with Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other popular videoconferencing technology.

Recruiters and hiring managers can use SHL Smart Interview technology on familiar videoconferencing platforms to easily schedule and conduct interviews. The Zoom and Microsoft Teams capabilities are now available to certain customers and will roll out to all users by the end of the year.

Smart Interview allows users to intuitively screen, interview and hire candidates. It supports the auto-evaluation of candidates’ video responses to streamline early stage screening. This enables recruiters to quickly and accurately review top talent and eliminate bias and scale restrictions from conducting standard resume screens. Its live interview tool includes a predefined question panel and candidate-rating forms.

Traditional applicant-screening methods are inefficient, particularly when companies evaluate hundreds or thousands of applications. COVID-19 has also limited the ability to conduct face-to-face interviews. According to Gartner’s HR Survey, 86% of organizations are doing virtual interviews, although many recruiters struggle to effectively conduct them.

"SHL's Smart Interview is built to deliver an application experience that allows your brand to stand out in this highly competitive job market," said Andy Bradshaw, CEO of SHL. "Our immersive technology captures candidate attention from the very start with branded, interactive experiences that can be seamlessly integrated with your ATS and video conferencing platform."

SHL’s transparent artificial intelligence (AI) engine also provides recruiting and hiring managers with more insight into potential candidates. The tool uses a portfolio of assessments to evaluate applicants’ capabilities and potential fit with an organization.

Smart Interview’s users have reduced their average time to hire by up to 60%. Recruiters and hiring managers have been able to streamline the interview process, save thousands of recruiting hours, reduce the likelihood of candidate withdrawal and increase candidate satisfaction.

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