Eacs launches new 24/7 Managed Services support

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Managed Services Provider eacs has unveiled a new round-the-clock service model, which has been designed to tackle new IT support needs brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Announcing the revamp, eacs said it has seen increased demand for 24/7 support, particularly since the widespread lockdown rules have pushed its customers to transform their digital operations and find more flexible ways of working.

“The driver here has been COVID and many of our clients are now beginning to investigate new ways of working, as exemplified by the rise in working from home," explained Kevin Timms, eacs chairman and chief executive.

"However, with greater flexibility in operations and working hours come additional challenges to many businesses as they seek to support their staff both operationally and personally."

One of those challenges is remote working triggering an increase in some employees opting to work longer hours. As a result of this shift, Timms says customers have been telling eacs they require more in order to better support their staff during these times.

"Traditional core IT support hours are simply no longer sufficient to support the modern employee or working practices as expectations have changed drastically as a result of the recent pandemic," he added. "By providing our customers with a more comprehensive level of support, we can ensure we are satisfying the increasing demand for and optimisation of our services.

"Our objective has always been to provide even faster responses and improved continuity of service to our growing portfolio of customers, and allowing the business to move to the next level for our clients.”

Founded in 1994, eacs supplies practical, innovative and cost-effective Managed Services and IT solutions to mid-market businesses across all sectors. Despite the pandemic impact, the firm has recently completed a successful refinancing deal in order to support its future growth.

That deal has ensured eacs can adapt and further invest to provide customers with additional capabilities and services, as well as better cater to the needs of its own staff base, the company said.

"The decision to move to a 24/7 model has our customers and their interests at its very core," Timms said. "However, it will also enable eacs to provide our employees with even more flexibility, allowing them to work the hours that they want to work and support a work-life balance choice.

"Supporting our personnel during this time has been at the top of our agenda. 24/7 is well and truly the new eacs.”

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