Nuvias Group joins HID Advantage's Partner Programme

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The Nuvias Group has joined HID Advantage's Partner Programme, offering partners access to a range of value-added services and extended sales, marketing and technical support.

Nvias partners can distribute all of HID Advantage's Identity and Access Management, including HID's ActivID Authentication Solutions and ActivID Credential Management System.

“HID Global has a uniquely valuable brand in the IAM Solutions market, which provides resellers with a great opportunity to diversify their offerings," Ian Kilpatrick, EVP cyber security at Nuvias Group said. "The products solve a number of the key cyber security challenges that businesses are faced with today. We look forward to working with HID Global to successfully expand its IAM offerings across EMEA."

He added that the partnership complements the company's other recent EMEA-based collaborations, including those with Malwarebytes and Nokia. "It’s a growing recognition of Nuvias’ ability to deliver specialist value distribution across EMEA," Kilpatrick said.

HID Advantage explained it wanted to partner with Nuvias because it will help the company further its focus towards value-added services while addressing customer demand.

“Addressing and fulfilling end-users’ requirements is critical in order to invest with confidence in HID Global’s trusted identity solutions," Miguel Braojos, vice president of global sales, IAM Solutions with HID Global said.

"As a member of the HID Advantage Partner program, Nuvias helps support the essential links in the HID Global value chain. The company’s strong team of security experts has extensive experience of working with multi-national and financial institutions, further extending our commitment to quality and driving end-user value.”

Clare Hopping
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