Civo unveils new partner programme

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Civo has announced the launch of its new Partner Programme, which has been designed to bring customers and partners the best services on the market.

The company says its new initiative aims to support partners’ growth ambitions, as well as encourage the industry’s brightest minds to collaborate on “reshaping the cloud-native landscape”.

Based in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Civo is the first pure-play cloud-native service provider powered solely by Kubernetes. With the world’s first production-ready Kubernetes platform to run on K3s, the firm is aiming to challenge the major cloud providers with cutting-edge services.

Supported by the its sales and engineering team, Civo’s new programme will see partners bring sales leads to Civo in exchange for commission, enabling them to move up through the partner tiers and grow their income.

There are also exclusive benefits that include a no-fuss referral scheme, as well as free Civo credit to host applications on the firm’s production-ready managed Kubernetes platform.

“Users of Civo benefit from a streamlined application hosting experience, ensuring organisations can focus more of their energy on development – and less on managing infrastructure,” Civo said in a press release announcing the launch.

Civo also announced its first premier partner in Fullstaq, a fast-growing cloud-native IT service company that works with both startup and enterprise businesses.

The first certified Kubernetes consultancy agency in The Netherlands, Fullstaq will work with Civo to provide customers with expert guidance on making the jump to Kubernetes.

“Civo offers a great managed Kubernetes environment that enables customers to spin up clusters at low costs,” explained Gerrit Tamboer, Fullstaq CEO. “The ‘plug & play’ concept makes it really easy for companies to set up their applications in an easy and budget friendly way.”

Civo said its new Partner Programme forms part of its mission to “cut through the opaqueness and complexity” that characterises the big cloud providers.

“Our partner programme is designed to empower Civo customers and our partners with the best services on the market,” said Mark Boost, CEO & co-founder of Civo. “We are excited to have partners like Fullstaq who are helping improve the Civo offering by making the move to Kubernetes easier than ever.”

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