PwC UK partners with Quantexa to drive automated decision making

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Professional services specialist PwC UK has announced a new partnership with London-based data and analytics software provider Quantexa.

Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform is designed to connect siloed systems and visualize complex relationships to provide a single, streamlined view of an organization’s data.

To date, the company says it has over one trillion siloed data records unified, with its platform enhancing operation performance with over 90% accuracy and 60 times faster analytical model resolution when compared with traditional approaches.

The collaboration with PwC UK will see the DI Platform installed across the professional services firm’s infrastructure to pull together multiple sources of third-party data on UK companies. 

As a result, PwC said it will be able to serve up detailed insights to clients about their customers, which they can then use to support their own data analytics and make faster, more informed decisions that will help protect, optimize, and grow their business.

In an announcement, the company said the move will help tackle ongoing industry challenges surrounding supply chain and procurement risk, financial crime, fraud, Know Your Customer (KYC), as well as data management and customer intelligence.


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“I am very excited that PwC UK will be joining forces with Quantexa to help our clients move from strength to strength,” commented Scott Samme, financial services partner at PwC UK. “Supporting our clients on their journey to become a data-driven organisations means embracing automated decision-making as an integral part of everyday operations.

“PwC UK will be leveraging the latest technology and AI alongside Quantexa to give our clients a 360-degree view of the companies they are doing business with and how they are connected to them.”

Samme said this information will help organizations slow down or prevent fraud, enforce compliance, dispense benefit funds, and secure borders. Clients will also be able to leverage the data to identify fraudulent activities, accelerate revenue growth, and enhance the overall customer experience.

“Comprehending these challenges is daunting and costly,” he continued. “By instituting a unified, integrated, and dynamic view of confirmed entities and networks, these challenges can be tackled with greater speed and accuracy, higher performance, and at scale.”

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