NICE's E-Request expedites 911 evidence sharing

911 operator sitting in front of multiple computer monitors
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NICE has launched an automated cloud solution to help 911 centers streamline digital evidence sharing.

Dubbed E-Request, the new solution simplifies emergency communication centers' (ECCs) procedures for receiving, processing, and sharing 911 audio evidence requests with district attorneys and federal police. E-Request by NICE also offers insights into incident request volumes, backlogs, and bottlenecks.

NICE executive vice president Chris Wooten said: “Handling 911 evidence requests is a time-consuming, but essential, function of every 911 center. E-Request automates the end-to-end request and delivery workflow between 911 centers and key stakeholders to accelerate request fulfillment, improve transparency, ensure timely disclosure, and streamline case preparation and discovery.

“Currently, one of the world’s pre-eminent 911 centers, which handles tens of thousands of requests annually, is successfully leveraging E-Request’s automation and workflow engine to fulfill 911 evidence requests faster, more uniformly and efficiently, via an auditable, secure, end-to-end digital process.”

E-Request is built into NICE’s digital evidence management platform Evidencentral. This all-in-one platform connects key performance indicators (KPIs) to incidents and offers a unified view of all case evidence.

Once a prosecutor submits their evidence request via E-Request, it prompts ECC personnel to enter a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) incident number. Upon entering the code, E-Request automatically correlates the incident’s audio records.


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When evidence is ready for download, E-Request's secure client portal sends prosecutors an alert. Additionally, the E-Request mobile app provides convenient access to 911 calls for investigators and officers on the scene.

According to NICE, E-Request will help responders meet stringent evidence disclosure deadlines by automating redundant tasks, such as emailing and filling out forms.

“E-Request eliminates backlogs, improves productivity and service levels, and frees up ECC time and resources. All work, including redaction and audio transcription, can be done in one system. E-Request also eliminates duplicate work requests, downloading and copying to discs, handling of physical media, and the need to attach and send files via email,” explained NICE.