AWS to launch cloud services reseller in Australia

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AWS is set to launch AWS Australia to allow customers in the region to purchase the company’s cloud services locally.

The tech giant, which has operated in the country for nearly ten years, wants to establish AWS Australia as an affiliated legal entity of AWS Inc and appoint it as a reseller of AWS cloud services for all customer accounts based in Australia, it declared in a FAQ on its website.

AWS doesn’t have a specific date for the change, which needs to be approved by the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board, but it will see AWS Australia provide Amazon Connect, Amazon SNS, Amazon Chime, and Amazon Pinpoint cloud services. However, Amazon Media Communication Services (AMCS) will continue to provide public switched telephone network-related features through AWS Inc.

The company said the move should simplify the process of acquiring cloud services and lead to greater adoption of the technology across the country.

“We regularly review our business structure to ensure that we are able to best serve our customers,” an AWS spokesperson told IT Pro. “AWS plans to launch an Australian Seller of Record to support the growing adoption of cloud computing by enabling our customers in Australia to purchase AWS Cloud services from an Australia based company.”


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Purchases made through AWS Australia will be invoiced from the entity, whereas purchases from AMCS will continue to be invoiced by AWS Inc. All customers with accounts based in Australia will be charged a 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on all services sold by AWS Australia.

Through the new affiliate, pricing will remain in US dollars although those who pay by credit card will pay in Australian dollars by default and if customers pay through invoice they can choose to pay in US or Australian dollars.

There will be no change to how customers receive and use AWS cloud services, with the only change being the AWS entity that customers contract with for purchasing AWS Cloud services.

Current customer agreements with AWS Inc will be replaced with a new one with AWS Australia, and the company said that the continued use of AWS cloud services following its launch would mean that customers accept the new agreement.

AWS business or government customers will need to update their Australian Business Number and other taxation information on the AWS Bill Dashboard, while other customers need to ensure their details are up to date.

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