Stevinson launches BI consultancy

Businessman pointing to Business Intelligence icon

Former VIP Computers sales director Dave Stevinson has emerged at the helm of a new analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) consultancy, GNR Corporation.

Stevinson (pictured), who quit his role at the Warrington-based distie in October 2012 in order to “take on a new challenge”, says he’s always been interested in analytics and understanding data.

Explaining his decision to launch the new firm, he says: “In the past all the Business Intelligence and Business Discovery Applications and tools had been prohibitively expensive and incredibly complicated. Yet this is beginning to change so earlier this year I decided to start a channel-focused boutique firm dedicated to agile analytics, Business Discovery and Reporting.”

Stevinson reckons to date BI has been largely ignored by channel firms: “There has always been a perennial problem with reporting and analytics in the channel,” he says, adding many firms have “armies of spreadsheet warriors creating complicated and alternative versions of the truth.”

He claims the problem is widespread, and not restricted to a particular department: “Internally we call it spreadsheet anarchy,” he says.

He claims the new company, GNR, has designed a series of “proven, trusted and tested” dashboards for each department in the business – offering an instant and current view of all the KPIs.

The Cheshire-based firm currently represents two vendors: Analyzer from Strategy Companion and QlikView partner Differentia Consulting. It essentially takes all the data sources and consolidates them together to build a structured reporting system in various department or team-specific dashboards, which can then be “diced, sliced and flipped” as required by the user.


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