M-Files releases M-Files Online to break down cloud barriers

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M-Files has announced the availability of its M-Files Online product that combines the power of its information management software with the flexibility of the cloud.

The company claims it's one of the first products that allow businesses to deploy their information management files and policies/procedures in the cloud, on-premise or in both environments with a single user licence.

This means businesses aren't locked into a single deployment model when they're trying to deploy information management policies or attempting to organise their systems and files, includingM-Files, file shares, SharePoint, and ERP and CRM systems.

"Along with mega-trends, such as the cloud, mobile and the rise of AI, there's a fundamental shift underway related to how organizations manage information," said Miika Mkitalo, CEO at M-Files.

"As the amount of information explodes, the rigid, complex ways of the past no longer work. M-Files Online offers a new, more dynamic approach we call intelligent information management that leverages AI to bring together information in legacy 'dark data' siloes."

M-Files uses AI to autonomously find the crucial information an organisation needs access to from legacy environments it calls "dark data silos".One of the highlights of M-Files Online is that it can collate data fromnetwork folders and other shared data sources without the need to migrate data onto a single platform.

"M-Files Online is also the only solution that allows freely mixing cloud and on-premises deployments with the same software license,"Mkitalo added. "This enables our customers to benefit from modern cloud services, while also keeping the data they choose behind the firewall."

The new service is available as a subscription, the price of which is based on your company size and requirements.

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