Accenture partners with Faculty to help organizations scale AI development

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Accenture has announced a new collaboration with AI specialist Faculty to help organizations leverage AI-powered decision making.

The partnership will see Accenture become the preferred implementation partner for Faculty’s AI operating system, Frontier. 

The pair plan to leverage the platform to help ensure organizational workflows and processes are connected and will use an “interactive digital twin” to lay out how a businesses decision will impact the wider ecosystem.

Accenture said this fresh combination of AI expertise, industry knowledge, as well as a full suite of transformational services, will enable businesses to harness AI in a safe and responsible manner across their enterprise.

Commenting on the new partnership, Shaheen Sayed, head of Accenture, UK, Ireland & Africa, said organizations have been “catapulted into an age of intelligence” and highlighted the importance of placing AI at the core of their operations.

“While many organizations are navigating this new era of AI, they often hit stumbling blocks when it comes to understanding, and then making decisions from swathes of their siloed data,” she said. “Working with Faculty, we can help companies drive value from AI responsibly and help deliver on the investments that will likely define them in the next decade.”

The collaboration builds on Accenture’s longstanding history with AI technology, with the firm boasting more than 1,450 patents and pending patent applications around the world, in addition to hundreds of client solutions across multiple industries.

The move also follows hot on the heels of Accenture’s $3 billion investment announcement, which it plans to inject into its data and AI practice over the next three years to help drive AI uptake across all industries. 

Accenture said it will double its data and AI practice talent to 80,000 professionals through a combination of new hires, acquisitions, as well as training.


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Faculty has also established itself as a prominent name in the AI space since its foundation in 2014, helping more than 250 customers across various sectors build enterprise-level AI offerings.

“AI should sit at the top of every CEO’s agenda – and businesses failing to capitalize will struggle to remain competitive,” said Faculty CEO, Marc Warner. “Yet few leaders truly understand how to reap AI’s benefits whilst safely managing its risks.

“This partnership will guide businesses through their transformation journey, resulting in safe implementation, connected processes, and human-led decision making.”

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