Kyndryl strikes new partnership with Nvidia to drive generative AI adoption

Information technology infrastructure provider Kyndryl (USA) booth at Tokyo Rainbow Parade 2023.
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Kyndryl has announced a new partnership with Nvidia that will see the pair collaborate to drive adoption of generative AI solutions.

The partnership, unveiled this week, aims to provide a combination of technology and services to help customers rapidly scale generative AI solutions, as well as act as a source of knowledge for their continued adoption.

As part of the collaboration, Kyndryl’s AI-powered open integration digital business platform, Kyndryl Bridge, is being integrated with Nvidia AI to support customers’ end-to-end lifecycle of AI development and implementation needs.

The firm said it will leverage the domain and industry expertise of Kyndryl Consult to help speed up the ability to test, verify, and deploy generative AI offerings, as well as enable faster application development.

“We’re excited to be working with NVIDIA to provide the building blocks and know-how customers need to fully unleash the potential of generative AI throughout their businesses,” commented Hidayatullah Shaikh, vice president of software engineering, Kyndryl Bridge.

“By combining Nvidia’s generative AI software with Kyndryl’s capabilities, we’re uniquely prepared to help address and resolve the biggest pain points for customers seeking to integrate AI across their hybrid IT estates.”

Kyndryl will also tap into the Nvidia NeMo platform and Nvidia NIM inference microservices to aid with customer support, automation of IT operations, fraud and loss prevention, as well as provide real-time analytics.

The company said the incorporation of Nvidia NIM into its Kyndryl Bridge platform will help optimize AIOps on Nvidia Tensor Core GPUs to rapidly process failure prediction and analysis, alongside comprehensive insights that will help reduce network and infrastructure failure.

Additionally, the offering can be customized to enterprise environments thanks to the integration of retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) capabilities with Nvidia NeMo Retriever microservices.

Kyndryl eyes marked generative AI performance boosts 

Ultimately, Kyndryl said organizations will be able to accelerate generative AI performance, speed up customer adoption across industries, as well as drive value for their customers via the Consult and Managed Services generative AI offerings that enable the creation of integrated solutions.


Customers will also be able to leverage GPU-aware workload placement to drive performance and insights that support energy efficient generative AI workloads, in addition to enhancing the performance of generative AI applications such as chatbots.

“As generative AI can scale productivity and insight for companies across industries, many organizations are seeking experts to help them quickly integrate AI applications into their operations,” said John Fanelli, vice president of enterprise software at Nvidia.

“Kyndryl’s solutions and expertise in integrating full-stack Nvidia AI can help customers rapidly establish and scale their AI strategies.”

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