IBM and Mendix announce global reseller agreement

IBM logo on the side of a building

Mendix and IBM have joined forces to offer an integrated offering to both business' customers, combining Mendix's mobile and web application platform and IBM's Cloud.

IBM will resell the Mendix platform via its partners, offering end-users a fast and scalable app development and delivery platform.

The joint offering will also provide AI, data analytics and IoT services via IBM Cloud, plus Mendix's application development tools, cloud services, and cloud runtimes, offering end users a full suite of services via one subscription.

“The collaboration between IBM and Mendix will combine the ease of Mendix’s low-code environment with the advanced services available on IBM Cloud, including AI, blockchain, data analytics, mobile and Internet of things (IoT) services,” said Don Boulia, general manager of Cloud Developer Services at IBM.

“This significantly accelerates the speed at which developers from all backgrounds, from highly skilled coders to business users expanding their roles, can build and deploy cloud-native applications.”

Other benefits of the joint offering include native integration of IBM Watson IoT and AI services for businesses wishing to take their apps one step further and the ability for businesses to opt in to cloud deployment across IBM Cloud’s public, private and hybrid options.

“The apps of the future cannot be built with the tools of the past. Businesses across all industries are finding new ways to innovate, and today’s market leaders are putting low-code development at the core of their digital strategy,” added Derek Roos, CEO of Mendix. “Our partnership with IBM will enable enterprises to accelerate the speed at which developers from all backgrounds can build and deploy applications.”

Clare Hopping
Freelance writer

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