Red Hat unveils new application services toolbox for developers

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Red Hat has announced Red Hat Application Foundations, a connected toolbox of application services designed to provide developers with ready-to-implement infrastructure components.

Available now, the new set of services aims to help accelerate containerised application development and delivery across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Successful enterprise application modernisation requires hybrid cloud infrastructure

Optimise business outcomes with a secure and reliable modern infrastructure


As the pace of app development continues to increase, Red Hat says the offering is ideal for organisations undergoing infrastructure modernisation, enabling them to quickly build and integrate key application and data services.

The toolkit works alongside Red Hat OpenShift, the firm’s enterprise Kubernetes platform, to connect applications both within and outside of the container environment.

It pulls together key app services and components to drive cloud-native application patterns, the company says, allowing developers to “more easily create and integrate applications that range in complexity for efficient and scalable execution across hybrid cloud environments.”

“Application development is undergoing significant change and developers need tools to support this transformation,” commented Ken Johnson, vice president and general manager of Application Services at Red Hat.

“We designed Red Hat Application Foundations with a developer-centric mindset, created to work seamlessly with Red Hat OpenShift to easily employ and deliver cloud-native applications, resulting in a simplified process to deliver a greater business value.”

The platform’s ready-to-implement components include high-performance data streaming services, API management, service connectivity, lightweight runtimes, and frameworks, and more.

In addition to OpenShift, Red Hat says the toolbox can also be used alongside software from technology partners and in-house developed capabilities.

“As application development and deployment continue to evolve, this foundation will help developers discover new and better ways to create and scale cloud-native IT infrastructures,” the company said in a release.

“Red Hat Application Foundations supports a healthy continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) pipeline, permitting software development and DevOps teams to innovate smoothly together.”

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