Master O365 governance, enforce security policies, and achieve regulatory compliance

Identify — and solve — security compliance pain points
6 May 2020
Graphic representing security in either data protection or cyber security contexts
IT governance

What is ISO 27001?

We explain what ISO 27001 is and how it relates to IT management systems
8 Apr 2020
Policy & legislation

German housing giant fined £12.5m for GDPR violations

The firm’s archive system held onto highly sensitive data from bank statements to health insurance records
7 Nov 2019
Policy & legislation

How 'Brexit disruption' is giving GDS a new lease of life

After years in the wilderness, the urgency of EU exit is forcing GDS to step up to the plate
19 Sep 2019
GDPR logo held above a person's fingers as they are processing data
Policy & legislation

Heathrow Airport and NHS Digital join ICO sandbox projects

The UK regulator will oversee the development of data-reliant services to ensure GDPR compliance
31 Jul 2019
Graphic of individuals being glared at by cameras and having their privacy invaded
Policy & legislation

Liberty defeated in ‘snooper’s charter’ legal challenge

High court rules the government’s Investigatory Powers Act doesn’t breach human rights
29 Jul 2019
EU commission flag
Policy & legislation

EU plotting to overhaul rules governing tech giants

The latest crackdown against harmful content may take a more centralised shape
24 Jul 2019
Policy & legislation

Facebook’s historic $5bn FTC settlement a "sweetheart deal"

Critics worry this is a missed opportunity to change Facebook's data practices after the Cambridge Analytica scandal
15 Jul 2019
Internet snooping
Policy & legislation

Tech industry bands together to oppose GCHQ snooping

Google, Apple, WhatsApp, Microsoft and others to sign an open letter imploring GCHQ to understand implications of its 'ghost protocol'
31 May 2019
Policy & legislation

ARM, EE and Microsoft will now exclude Huawei

The effects of these inclusions, if made permanent, have been descibed as "insurmountable"
22 May 2019
IT governance

Article 13 gains European Council approval

However five European countries opposed the copyright directive
16 Apr 2019
Image of social media apps on a smartphone screen
Policy & legislation

Regulator will fine big tech for spreading 'harmful content'

Draft proposals will see senior managers face criminal liability, while ISPs could block some services entirely
8 Apr 2019
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Policy & legislation

Tech giants more effectively examine illegal hate speech

But the UK ranks as the third-worst performing nation in terms of removing harmful content
6 Feb 2019

NHS Trusts spend as little as £250 on cyber security

'Alarming' spend and expertise discrepancies exposed as DHSC threatens enforcement action
11 Dec 2018
Policy & legislation

China erases citizens' social media accounts

Following the country's restriction on media outlets, China have exercised their censorship laws eliminating 9,800 social media accounts
13 Nov 2018
Houses of parliament UK at night
Policy & legislation

Gov announces Digital Services Tax to hit tech giants

Revenue-based tax to hit tech giants as government announces more funding for AI, quantum computing, and digital transformation
30 Oct 2018
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Twitter faces GDPR probe for refusing to comply with SAR

Academic's request for information about how the platform tracks him denied as it would take 'disproportionate effort'
17 Oct 2018
Policy & legislation

EU will fine tech giants for not removing extremist material

Security commissioner signals step change from self-policing
20 Aug 2018
Graphic depicting the transfer of data across the globe
Information Commissioner

ICO unveils new tech strategy to tackle digital hurdles

The three-year plan sees the appointment of a new executive director for technology policy and innovation
14 Aug 2018
child using a smartphone possibly in an abusive situation
Policy & legislation

Government expands child safety group to cover wider public

The council will focus on combating online harm, extremism, and violence against women, among other areas
27 Jul 2018
data protection

Congress probes Cambridge Analytica-linked firm

Congress wants to know whether it's collecting data from apps or using data brokers
2 Jul 2018
data protection

Congress probes Cambridge Analytica-linked firm

Congress wants to know whether it's collecting data from apps or using data brokers
2 Jul 2018
smart city

CEBIT 2018: Huawei to bring 5G to German smart city project

Chinese giant hopes Duisberg pilot will see it build more smart cities across Europe
12 Jun 2018