KPMG International appoints AI chief amid AI framework launch

KPMG logo is seen on the office building in Krakow, Poland on April 8, 2022
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KPMG International has announced the appointment of David Rowlands as its global head of AI alongside the launch of the KPMG Trusted AI framework.

The freshly created leadership role will see Rowlands collaborate and coordinate with specialists from across the global organization to drive the firm’s AI strategy.

He steps into the role having most recently served as KPMG’s head of consulting for the UK, as well sitting on the UK Executive Committee and the Global Advisory Steering Group.

KPMG says its aim is to unlock growth and help its members leverage emerging AI technologies to enhance client engagement and “supercharge the employee experience.”

Alongside professionals from across its tax, audit, and advisory sections, Rowlands is tasked with driving innovation through the design, development, and deployment of new AI powered services to increase productivity and add value through augmented capabilities and insights.

“I am excited about the promise of AI,” Rowlands commented. “With the ability to boost productivity with speed and scale, AI models continue to transform businesses and are one of the keys to unlocking sustainable growth in a way that can build a better future for people, companies, and society.”

KPMG is comprised of a string of independent firms that provide audit, tax, and advisory services across 143 countries. The organization counts more than 265,000 partners and employees working in member firms around the world.

In his new role, Rowlands will work to help these companies adhere to the new KPMG Trusted AI guidelines, which is based around ten key principles of fairness, transparency, explainability, accountability, data integrity, and reliability, as well as security, safety, privacy, and sustainability.


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Building on its multibillion dollar investment in AI, KPMG says this new ten-pillar framework will help ensure the design, building, deployment, and use of AI tech solutions are done so in a responsible and ethical manner – while also driving value and outcomes for both clients and communities.

“By responsibly embracing AI, we see the potential to fully harness its power by bringing together the human ingenuity, business, and industry expertise of KPMG professionals with the power and scale of AI programs,” Rowlands added.

“I am looking forward to working in collaboration with people from across the globe to firmly position KPMG as a leader in AI.”

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