Endor Labs launches 100% channel commitment with new partner programme

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Dependency lifecycle management specialist Endor Labs has cut the ribbon on its new global partner programme Hyperdrive, as well as announced a 100% channel commitment.

The new channel initiative has been designed to help partners leverage Endor Labs’ technology to create “powerful technology combinations” for supply chain security, dependency selection, and lifecycle management for businesses of all sizes, the firm said.

The company’s Dependency Lifecycle Management platform is designed to help businesses control the entire open source software (OSS) lifecycle, from dependency selection through to remediation and management. The offering allows companies to select better dependencies, manage and update them, as well as gain enhanced visibility through the dependency graph.

Now, with its 100% channel commitment and new channel programme, Endor Labs said it's aiming to set a new standard for inter-company collaboration to better protect entire software inventories and boost application development.

“Open source software gives organisations a huge boost in development velocity, and that’s why more than 80% of the code in modern applications is repurposed from existing OSS resources,” said Andrew Davidson, vice president of business development and alliances at Endor Labs.

“However, software of this calibre needs security to match, and so far, that’s been missing.”

Endor Labs research has revealed that 95% of vulnerabilities can be found in ‘transitive’ dependencies - code pulled into new projects without the developers’ approval or even knowledge. With the Hyperdrive programme, Davidson said businesses can leverage Endor Labs’ technology to improve their protection coverage.

“Endor Labs Hyperdrive offers a new channel through which to strengthen security for the software supply chain, and we’re honoured to bring it to market,” he added.

As well as offering control over the entire OSS lifecycle, the Endor Labs platform also provides vulnerability detection based on both known and unknown risk indicators, along with prioritisation and remediation. Endor says this technology helps create comprehensive software bill of materials (SBOMs) and smoother compliance management.

It’s a particularly handy tool at a time when the average enterprise has over 40,000 open source dependencies directly downloaded by developers – with each of these able to pull in an estimated 77 additional ‘transitive’ dependencies to slow down development.


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For those signed up to the new Hyperdrive programme, the platform accelerates the POC and selection process for their prospective clients – ultimately bypassing the need for complex configurations or architecture reviews. Partners receive expert presale support, solution deployment, as well as ongoing customer success.

Endor said partners will also benefit from unlocking new services revenue streams from advising, building and running OSS lifecycle programmes.

Hyperdrive is now available across North America, South America, EMEA, and APAC. Inaugural partners include cleverBits, Fortifire, Grant Thornton, Intuitive Cloud, TachTech, Tevora, and Zinfinity.

“Our dependency risk solutions, powered by Endor Labs Hyperdrive, enhance our ability to help clients better leverage the undeniable value of open source software while managing its risks, and this initiative fuels a truly collaborative effort to gain full visibility of the software dependency graph,” said Maxim Kovalsky, managing director and head of software supply chain security services at Grant Thornton, an Endor Labs partner.

“This is the best way to maximise productivity by reducing vulnerabilities in the software being used.”

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