NetApp unveils its new Partner Sphere Program

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NetApp has cut the ribbon on its new Partner Sphere Partner Program, which the cloud software provider says better addresses the complex demands of modern flash and cloud customers.

The initiative has been revamped to create a streamlined ecosystem that promotes collaboration and aims to capture greater market share by growing flash revenue, accelerating cloud adoption, as well as leveraging partner-led solutions and services.

NetApp said Partner Sphere’s new unified engagement model helps partners move seamlessly between sell-to, sell-through, and sell-with sales motions to accelerate their revenue.

“We view partnership as a power play and, with the Partner Sphere Program, NetApp is redefining how we work with partners to create real competitive advantage and drive appreciable business outcomes for both our partners and our customers,” said Jenni Flinders, senior vice president of NetApp’s Worldwide Partner Organization. 

“Our new engagement models and tiering system incentivize and accelerate our partners’ reach in flash and cloud with reciprocal value that increases as partners move up program tiers.”

NetApp began teasing its new program to media outlets back in June, detailing a “simple framework” and a streamlined three-tier structure: Approved, preferred, and prestige. 

At the time, the firm said its aim was to ensure it was utilizing and catering to its diverse range of partners’ unique capabilities.


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To achieve this, Partner Sphere places a key focus on partner-led services. The framework features 11 Services Certified tracks and 19 Solution Competencies aligned to the three focus tiers to help partners expand their services portfolio and become trusted advisors to their customers.

NetApp said it built this new engagement model using partner feedback and has prioritized co-innovation, the development of service-led partners, acceleration of partners’ cloud solutions, as well as the acquisition of new customers.

Phil Bradley, NetApp business manager at CoCr8 Technology Solutions, a NetApp partner, welcomed the latest iteration of the Partner Sphere Program.

“It has empowered us to succeed in the hybrid multi-cloud data management market,” he commented. “Partner Sphere provides partners with a simple framework and transformative training, and promotes partner differentiation. Partner Sphere has helped us build the skills and competencies we need to win in the cloud or on-premises.”

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