Wipro unveils new Global Channel Partner Programme

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Wipro has announced the launch of a new Global Channel Partner Program, which the IT services firm says will help create new growth and partner opportunities for businesses.

Wipro said its products and platforms have been instrumental in helping clients navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with businesses being forced to adapt to market uncertainties and new ways of working.

With its new programme, the company said it is looking to collaborate with channel partners as the market continues to evolve over the coming months, helping them to identify new business challenges and addressing them.

Ajay Bhaskar, Wipro's VP and global head of Corporate Strategy and Intellectual Property, said products and platforms are "central to Wipro’s strategy to stay relevant and deliver differential value" to its clients.

"A key part of accelerating our footprint across segments and geographies is the Channel Partner Programme," he explained. "We believe channel partnerships can accelerate adoption and bring innovation in relatively under penetrated industry segments and geographies.

"Together, we can take some of the most innovative and differentiated products and platforms to the industry and open newer sources of growth."

Wipro offers clients a large portfolio of solutions and platforms, designed to transform business operations, increase speed of change, as well as reduce the cost of change across industry domains.

Aligned to its 'Digital First' strategy, the solutions are deployed quickly and offered in flexible outcome-based and as-a-service variants.

Mandar Vanarse, general manager of Wipro's Intellectual Property Unit, said the new programme offers partners an opportunity to leverage Wipro's products to open new revenue streams.

"Our partners will receive the best possible support to augment new markets for Wipro's products and platforms," Vanarse commented. "We have established a robust onboarding process for new partners which includes special training for their staff at the Wipro Product Academy.

"In addition, our partners will enjoy access to special pricing models, sales enablement support, benefit calculators and other sales and marketing material. They will also benefit with a Wipro Expert assigned to them to assist throughout the customer engagement journey."

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