Schneider Electric launches Zeigo Activate to support IT channel decarbonization

A logo on the Schneider Electric SE stand at the Enlit energy conference in Cape Town, South Africa, on Tuesday, May 16, 2023
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Energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric is bolstering its support for IT channel decarbonization with the launch of its new Zeigo Activate platform.

The new subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) offering has been designed to calculate, measure, and analyze carbon emissions, set accurate decarbonization goals, and build a tailored sustainability strategy, the firm said.

As well as track energy emissions, small-and medium-sized partners can leverage Zeigo Activate to create a customized implementation roadmap to help minimize environmental impact, as well as connect to solution providers that specialize in energy efficiency and renewables.


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The solution sits alongside Schneider’s other digital sustainability offerings, Zeigo Power, which helps European users to digitally tender renewable energy power purchase agreements (PPAs), and its Zeigo Network, which is designed to connect like minded members of its 600+ user base to help with their decarbonization push.

In an announcement, Schneider’s vice president of IT channels, David Terry, said organizations remain determined to tackle the sustainability issue despite ongoing global challenges.

“Channel businesses continue to face a host of energy and sustainability challenges, but despite a turbulent macroeconomic environment, ESG, energy efficiency and ecosystem decarbonization remain key areas of focus for partners,” he said.

"Simplified" data collection

Zeigo Activate has been built around the concept of simplified data collection, Schneider said, meaning partners can apply its functionality to build an energy consumption profile, as well as track baseline progress of carbon emissions.

Partners can use the software to build a customized roadmap specific to a certain target or business strategy – such as achieving 100% renewable status - and use the software’s streamlined dashboards to both track and report progress.

The platform also facilitates inter-business connections, with partners able to connect directly with an ecosystem of vendors for competencies that are required of their action plan and to view estimated costs, savings, and return on investment.

Additionally, the offering promises to help reduce Scope 3 emissions through engagement with the supply chain, providing mid-market members of the chain with the tool to assist with their own decarbonization efforts. 

Schneider says the guided and simplified nature of the platform will allow businesses to navigate the time pressures that are usually associated with complex software and limited sustainability expertise. 

“Through Zeigo, partners can access a suite of world-class SaaS tools and identify specialist businesses that help them reduce energy consumption, emissions, and costs, as well as strategic processes to accelerate business’ sustainability journeys,” Terry added.

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