British firm addresses channel partner recruitment

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Two former channel execs have launched a new company to help match make vendors and channel partners.

Jacqui Rand and Anne Lambton (pictured) says that the new firm, Channeliser, enables IT vendors, VARs, services firms and distributors “to intelligently locate the most suitable partners, connect and communicate with each other, market themselves more professionally, expand into new markets and sectors, and diversify their product portfolios rapidly and with greater efficiency.”

Both Rand and Lambton have held numerous channel roles, including at Microsoft UK. Says Rand: “IT firms waste a huge amount of time searching for and building partnerships and we know that significant improvements are possible. Channeliser, quite simply, solves this problem.”

Lambton tells Channel Pro that Channeliser offers an alternative to using traditional distribution for partner recruitment: “Using distribution is still a very valid and important tactic, but alongside Channeliser, enables vendors to have a direct relationship with their partners, even if they don’t have their own partner portal. This is increasingly important the more complex the solution is, and it allows a more rapid delivery of new products and solutions to market.

“The community aspect of Channeliser, rather than vendor specific portals, also allows interaction with the wider IT community,” she adds.

Andrew Mennie, from UK software firm, PrecisionPoint, says the firm has found value in building its own equivalent of a partner portal. “Beyond the cost savings gained from finding and engaging with potential partners on Channeliser, we are also building and managing our own Group on Channeliser – it’s like our own little partner portal or community, but the companies are on Channeliser already and benefitting from the community,” he comments.

So far, Channeliser has more than 1700 members across 65 countries.

The firm says it also also helps locate the right potential channel partners in domestic and overseas markets within the required sector and with the right product expertise. While results may vary, Channeliser claims an average time saving of 30 percent for a vendor to locate, identify and engage with the right channel partners.


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